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9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Oba's Palace, Igbomina, Osun State

The Olugbenga Akintola Foundation & Sir Michael M Familusi Foundation Medical Mission took place in Igbomina, Olorunda Osun State on Monday, May 28 2018.

The Medical Mission is an initiative that provides free diagnosis and treatment to the people of Osun State.

Diabetes and Hypertension remains the commonest chronic disease and a major cause of sudden death and morbidity in our people. These two diseases are under-diagnosed and under-treated. The first symptom unlike Malaria is usually a stroke or death.

Olugbenga Akintola Foundation & Sir Michael M Familusi Foundation provided all medications and equipment necessary, support personnel, training of the locals and ongoing supervision to ensure sustainability and effective program delivery.


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