Micro-Finance Initiative

The development of Osun State is integrally linked to the development of its people. Supporting the people of Osun State to sustain a living & create wealth through entrepreneurship is a priority for us.

The Foundation’s micro finance arm was established to improve the entrepreneurship ability of low income earners in Osun State. The Foundation will provide them with finance and increase their access to credit and very low interest rates.

The Olugbenga Akintola Foundation & Sir Michael M Familusi Foundation aims to tackle poverty and initiate robust economic growth of the people of Osun State, most especially the low income earners.

The Foundation has carried out extensive fact-finding exercises across Osun State in the last 8 months. The analysis of the credit demand of artisans, small scale retailers, food sellers, carpenters, electricians, mechanics etc. revealed the enormous need for micro credit.

These are the movers of the economy and the majority of them turn to daily contribution [esusu] collectors for their needs – a risky, ineffective & an unsustainable approach.

The Olugbenga Akintola Foundation & Sir Michael M Familusi Foundation will advance loans of between N5,000-N40,000 to support people with need for micro credits.

The Foundation will simplify the process of advancing credit, remove the burden of high interest rates and soften the bureaucracy attached to loan collection. The Foundation is a charity – a not-for-profit organisation.

Existing businesses at the micro level will enjoy access to funds to maximise operating profits and/or expand their businesses to eventually step up above the micro level. This is the success story we hope to tell in just a few years!

Potential startup businesses will not be left out. They will be encouraged to develop competences through the creation of business opportunities, start-up support and credit advance.

The Foundation will support and organise training for the development of various micro enterprises to address youth unemployment and make a significant difference in poverty alleviation.

Osun State and its people deserve much more than the deal they have been given for decades resulting in wasted generations of Osun citizens.
The Olugbenga Akintola Foundation & Sir Michael M Familusi Foundation was established to change this spiralling poverty decline in Osun State by focusing on empowering the grassroots and the forgotten people of Osun State.

The Foundation will need the assistance of market leaders, various business associations and groups in Osun State to reach the low income earners and the poor in order to achieve its goal.

The Foundation will establish offices in all local Government Areas of Osun State, beginning from Osogbo town. The Foundation is on its way to bringing the desired economic change to Osun State.

Please join us by supporting this noble cause. Osun State is for the many… not the few!

By supporting Olugbenga Akintola Foundation & Sir Michael M Familusi Foundation you will be playing your part in truly empowering the less privileged, supporting their aspirations, creating exponential employment opportunities, improving on people’s disposable income and therefore their standard of living. Email us todat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

This will impact positively on our children’s ability to gain valuable education, stall the perennial cycle of youth unemployment & poverty and contribute immensely to reducing crime in Osun State.

We all win!

Please support Olugbenga Akintola Foundation & Sir Michael M Familusi Foundation


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