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An ardent believer in the philosophy of omolúàbí, Olugbenga Akintola exemplifies this in his personal behavior and social interactions. His life’s experience taught him that owó kan kò gbé erù d’órí (i.e. a helping hand supports the other to carry a load onto the head); his natural disposition, therefore, is one of a commitment to the service of collective good with empathy. The aforementioned experience and love for people underpin the creation of the Olugbenga Akintola Foundation [OAF] as a means to give back and restore the bridges that Olugbenga also walked through.

OAF’s approach is rooted in omolúàbí’s ethos of hard work and self-reliance: isé l’ògùn ìsé (work is the antidote to poverty). Consequently, OAF created a Microfinance Initiative, in this spirit, and because the Founder believes that an omolúàbí has no expectation for a hand-out but rather a helping hand to prosper. The Microfinance Initiative, therefore, supports aspiring entrepreneurs and those seeking to consolidate their micro-business. The guiding principle of the Initiative is to support those who believe in the dignity of labor as a means for their economic empowerment and overcoming a condition that could have otherwise been one of poverty.

Economic empowerment and overcoming poverty, however, must be enjoyed in good health. OAF furthers its mission with a value on wellness: ìlera l’orò (health is wealth). This inspired the creation of OAF’s medical mission which comprises of a free mobile clinic that screens for common diseases such as diabetes and hypertension; beneficiaries of this medical service are not only screened, they also receive free medication for their conditions.

OAF epitomizes its Founder’s conviction that people must be the focus of development to attain their ‘most evolved character,’ i.e. omolúàbí. People’s economic and health wellbeing are critical to enhancing Osun State’s status as Ìpínlè Omolúàbí because OAF’s beneficiaries are being supported for their productive capacity to be unleashed for a wealthy and healthy Osun State.

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